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Sunday, June 3, 2012

2 June 2012

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  1. Stupid question: how much of this is based on real life?

  2. I don't think it's a stupid question, but it might take a little bit to answer.

    Most of the little things, like Elly and Mike being bored off their asses at the restaurant or Morris dealing with stupid customers are based on conversations I've had. Most of the mischief Sam, Jason, Yorick and I get into is also true, but was exaggerated a little bit for story purposes.

    Now, certain plot lines and characters themselves may not be TRUE, but I do my best to make sure they're HONEST, you know? Grace is a really good example since she's not based on anyone in particular, but rather on feelings and thoughts I've had myself and conversations I've had with people. So the comic is emotionally and figuratively real (I'm really touched when people see themselves in my characters since that means I'm doing my job well!) but not necessarily factually real.

    Of course, there are some parts that defy reality a little bit and this issue is a good example. Mona just met Yorick today and already she's smitten with him. Most of the people I know wouldn't dream of moving that fast, but for the purposes of the story I went ahead and let her.

    That... was a very long response, but it's one I've been struggling to answer myself for a long time. To me The Word Weary is 100% based on real life since it's supposed to be so honest, personal and revealing. But, for fun's sake and because I'm bored, Imma go through my archives, figure out which ones are DEFINITELY based on real events and figure out the percentage.



    1. Oh, shit. I forgot to add in the one where Poor Trotmann gets attacked by blue jays. That's... um... very true.

      I jump about a foot in the air every time I hear a grackle or a blue jay caw.

  3. I think John needs to get wasted on acid. Just saying.

  4. I spiked him once before one of our baseball games. I also have roofied him and took out a fake obituary in his name, so everyone thought he was dead. Hilarious!

  5. You two are some wild and cuhrazy guys!