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Friday, June 15, 2012

15 June 2012

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  1. This comic is about indoor rock climbing like Apocalypse Now is about the war.

  2. Big fan of how everyone wears high heeled elf shoes all the time. Except when you were naked a few comics ago.

  3. Anonymous, who I believe to be Sam since I've expressed those sentiments only to Yorick, Jason and him and who's the only one of them who reads the alt text: Yes, the indoor rock climbing is a grand metaphor for the chaotic nature of the human condition.

    Yorick: I remember the days when you felt that way about me.

  4. Anonymous 2: Lulz. I just imagined my naked ass right above the pointy elf boots. And, probably because it's five in the morning, I thought the image was really funny. I may have to do that soon.