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Thursday, November 8, 2012

8 November 2012

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Whoa. If you count the guest and non-canon comics, this one is the 200th I've done. Lord, only seven more weeks until the in-canon 200th. Wonder what I should do to celebrate?

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  1. Dude John, you should get naked, take a redhead girl back to her house, be so drunk you don't know if you slept with her or not, and also get a ticket for pissing on a statue.

    Also, let all your shit get stolen by a mormon girl. And drink tea from a wine glass to have it shatter all over you.

    Do all these things to celebrate, John. Do them.

  2. Wow Anonymous...I am supposed to be the jackass.

    1. Sorry for stealing your thunder.

      From, Anonymous

  3. I'm nearly positive they were being sincere, Yorick. So who's the REAL jackass?

    ...it's me, isn't it?