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Saturday, September 22, 2012

22 September 2012

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The Word Weary Comic                        


  1. For a second I thought the gay sex part of the comic had started. I feel bad now.

  2. Ha ha, bear lord. I guess you got the hair down, but your attitude isn't very bear-like at all.

  3. @Yorick: Let the Jason/John slash fic begin, I guess.

    @Anonymous: I don't know. Bears are solitary, really do try to avoid conflict but lash out when they get pissed off. Or maybe I'm more like a spider! Yeah, like a trapdoor spider! They're solitary too and only leave their nests to feed or mate.... or just feed in my case.

  4. Hmm... I think I would prefer Yorick/John fics. Yes, I'd ship that.

  5. I totally support the fan fics...it has always been a dream of mine to read a sex story written about me. Not sure why...even if it is about the man with the hair...ew...hair...

  6. A short story starring Yorick and John:

    "Hey John," said Yorick, a six foot tall well muscled Greek God of a man, "want to have rough man sex with me?"

    John, his equally if not more handsome partner whirled on him, his beautiful shoulder length, blond hair glimmering, framing his face like a divine portrait. "Yes, Yorick, let's fuck."
    And so they did. And it was good.

    The end