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Saturday, September 1, 2012

1 September 2012

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Hey, guys! As you can see, the share bar is getting bigger. (And uglier, but I know shit about computers and coding and whatnot...) Share The Word Weary and get this thing out there! Also (in case it wasn't clear) there is a second character named Sam in The Word Weary. He's called Sam 2 and he's a pretty alright guy!

The Word Weary Comic                        


  1. Ha, man, comic-John(maybe even real-John???) has such a miserable life.

    Also about the alt text, that was all you man, don't try to sift the blame on to us.

  2. Where's Sam 2's cap?!?

  3. Anonymous 1: Life is a dick sometimes. Why get muddled down in misery when you can make silly comics to make fun of it?

    (Also, I totally took care of that after I got to work.)

    Anonymous 2: Sam 2 isn't wearing a cap because I don't like the way I draw them. I guess he left it at home or something.

  4. Is his soul patch detachable?

  5. Sam is backwards in the last panel (look at his shirt).

  6. That's, uh... parallel Sam 2. He's Sam 2's extra-dimensional twin who's like him in every way, just... uh... backwards...