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Thursday, July 26, 2012

26 July 2012

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As some of you may have realized, I bought the "wordwearycomic" domain a little while ago. It was a smart business decision as I can now tell women "wordwearycomic-dot-com" instead of "wordwearycomic-dot-blogspot-dot-com" when I'm hitting on them. Unfortunately the new domain reset my Facebook "Like" button for good. Bleh. If you've kept reading this long, may as well give the button another click. It'll make me look good when sexy honeys are checking out the comic.


  1. Did her hair get wet since the last panel? It looks different...

  2. Much like he does to women in real life, Lillith gets really sweaty around Sam. You should know that. So do we.

  3. Your ellipsis is comprised of four commas. >.<

  4. I know... that's one of those mistakes that bothers the hell out of me, but isn't really egregious enough for me to change... but then that was before someone pointed it out... Fukkit, I'll fix it.