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Sunday, May 27, 2012

26 May 2012

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  1. I love scenes with dubstep kid and the grumpy record store owner.

  2. Yeah, same here actually. Morris seems like a decent guy for someone who lives with Harry.

  3. Heather: Hipsters and bros come into the hookah lounge all the time and, much to my chagrin, they pretty much ignore each other. I'm always hoping a cockfight will erupt, but it never does so I have to live out their interactions through these two.

    Anonymous: Yeah, I'm really starting to like Morris as his character develops. Morris is a really nice guy but he likes Harry well enough. I really think he decided to let Harry move in with him just so he could play with a piggy every day.

  4. I saw their relationship moving from a shallow friendship with a guy you see in a bunch of events that you go to. However when they moved in Morris realized how fake Harry was but Harry thinks him and Morris are good good friends and very very similar. I mean Morris and Harry went to all the same concerts and events but Morris went for enjoyment but Harry went for the social aspect for than a general thrill.

    Kinda like before I moved in with you I thought you were cleanly and an all around good person. Now I realize you are an asshole, dirty as fuck, and a dumb ass cause I am just now a year later than your story replacing the shit that mormon stole from me...

  5. Love ya too, Roomie. Yeah, Morris is a hipster because he genuinely likes the music and fashion. Which is cool whatever, I don't judge him for it. Harry is a hipster because he heard hipster girls were easy.