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Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 December 2011

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Dude... the comic came SO close to going on a temporary hiatus last night. I was going to start coloring the comic after I got home so I made myself some dinner and turned on my computer... and the monitor wouldn't come on. Computer was working like a champ, the monitor... oy, I cannot afford to buy a new monitor right now and it would've taken a little while for me find one. Luckily for you guys (and me- this comic is the only thing keeping me sane) I refuse to throw anything that works away. In the back of my closet I still had the monitor from the computer my father bought the Christmas before he died. So this comic and all subsequent ones are brought to you by a 16-year-old monitor that weighs more than my tower! It's sort of nice though- working with it makes me feel like he's still looking out for me. (D'awwwwwww...)


  1. I forget: did Yorick get in a fight where he was punched in both eyes, or is that mascara? Or is he just, like, really tired, or something.

    PS. Yorick's Grinch Grin in the final panel is fantastic. Really suits the guy.

  2. I've only implied what happened last night at the bar so far. I LOVE it when TV shows and things drop in little things that come back big later on and "what happened to Yorick's face" is one of those. Among everything else that happened at the bar.