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Saturday, November 19, 2011

19 November 2011

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Well, this is TECHNICALLY the 100th comic I've done if you count the guest comics, noncanon and character comics I did. Hooray! It's also the first week in a while in which I managed to update on time. Good on me! I also did a little one panel bit of silliness, but you can only see it if you like my Facebook page or follow my Twitter. Which you should do because it makes me feel loved and then you'll be the first to hear when I update.


  1. Damn, man. Tellin' it like it is. I like this guy.

  2. I don't wanna ruin the possible epiphany that I am having...but that is not my middle name..

  3. Anonymous 1 & 2: That's funny that Chris and Branden got so much positive response. I gotta admit, as much as I love writing the main characters, writing people who put them in their place is a hell of lot of fun.

    Yorick: Yes, I know. But you gotta admit, Iotorus is an EPIC middle name.


    And don't you DESERVE an epic middle name?

  4. Bit unfair for Yorick... The timing of the scolding though, not the content.

  5. The timing is bad, but in keeping with the philosophy of The Word Weary: When it rains, it pours and also you get struck by lightning and one of the paramedics who revives you steals your shoes.