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Saturday, October 1, 2011

1 October 2011

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SO! After 209 real world days, 76 issues and just under 40,000 page views, DAY 1 OF THE WORD WEARY IS COMPLETE!!! HELL YEAH!!! It's been a difficult few months for me (for a fun game, go through the comic's archives and see if you can guess which days I was feeling the shittiest!) but this comic has brought me a lot of joy. The response has been very, very positive and I'm grateful for everyone's who's stuck around this long. You guys are beyond awesome.
Now for some news: KEEP CHECKING BACK NEXT WEEK. I have some really funny guest comics lined up for you guys and... hold on for this: Next Friday I will be debuting the FIRST post in my humor blog, John Kossler ProTips. Other than that I will be taking the week off to improve the store, play around with the comic's layout and make some little changes to the art (don't worry, I promise the characters will always look like R2-D2 elves). Also, THERE WILL BE UPDATES EVERY DAY TUESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY NEXT WEEK. OH... MY... GOD.
The Word Weary Day 2 begins with a bang (literally) October 11th! See you then!


  1. Nine more days! Man, can't wait. New comics means new material to tear apart for Tropes!

  2. Don't you worry, Anonymous, the nine days will go by pretty quick. The guest comics are damn awesome.