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Thursday, August 25, 2011

25 August 2011

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Update 27 August: Hey, guys, inking the comic now, but since I have to leave for work in an hour and a half, I'm not going to have it finished tonight. BUT it's funny and I think everyone will like it, so it WILL be up tomorrow morning. Like, I get off of work at 3 a.m. so it should be up very, very early in the morning.

Hey there, hundred of fans! Working to get back on schedule after missing last Saturday. Just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate you bearing with me. Want to show your support! VOTE for TWW on Top Webcomics or leave me a comment!
Something else I've been considering for a long time: I really miss writing since, aside from the comic, I haven't written anything seriously in a long time. I'm going to start a weekly blog post thing where I write (hopefully) funny articles and answer reader questions like "how do I make myself feel fancy on a budget," "how do I get over the guy/girl who broke my heart," and "how do I find my place in a world I find increasingly threatening" with my characteristic wit and insight. Got a question to help me get started? untitledirishpiece at gmail dot com.

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