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Thursday, December 27, 2012

27 December 2012

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Alright, guys, we're back to the in-canon comics. I PROMISED myself my last comic of the year will be #200, so... yeah, we're at #197. Just three more to go this year. IT WILL HAPPEN. But also, if you missed the Christmas comic I posted on Tuesday, you can always go back to the archives and find it in the Extra Comics! section... along with all the other non-canon comics I've done.

The Word Weary Comic                        


  1. I should start smoking and learn to blow smoke rings to try this for myself!

  2. ...Oh, God, I'm a tool of the tobacco industry now. I've gotten some poor soul to start smoking. Anonymous! I won't say NOT to smoke as that would be hypocritical of me (as we speak, I'm at work smoking a hookah), but be wary of the damage you may do to your body! Make an informed decision about the risks and see for yourself if they're worth taking! If you DO choose to start smoking hookah, I can tell you some AMAZING mixes to make and how to do them up properly.