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Sunday, November 25, 2012

25 November 2012

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The Word Weary Comic                        


  1. Whoa, check out all this fucking characterization going on in this strip! Damn!

    Also John, for all your self deprecating humor this is a very very good webcomic. Your characters are super well done, dialogue is great and varied and your art's unique and has improved a TON, and is very eye catching I feel. I just felt like telling you.

  2. Aw.... thank you so much, Anonymous! I do my best to stay positive but I'm very, very insecure and crazy. It's always a delight to find out people are enjoying my little comic.

  3. That reminds me: have you ever watched any of the Tales of Mere Existence series on Youtube? I just was now and it really reminded me of this strip. I feel you should check it out!