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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1 November 2011

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...I'm not quite sure how Yorick ended up that color... I used the eyedropper tool on a picture of the real Yorick and somehow managed to select that odd gray color. Yorick is not gray in real life. Bah, whatever. I'll leave it up the way it is for now and repost it in a few hours after I've had some sleep.
Updated after I've had some sleep: Yorick's not gray anymore. 


  1. While I appreciate your faith in me John, I have to say that even though I took all those law classes mixed with my performance arts classes I would say that i would not understand the legal documents that were handed to me, you should have had the lady explain them to me. But I suppose you can look up to me all you want. On the other hand I definitely would have seen through her lie, I have never given or have ever dreamed of giving someone an autograph, boobs or no. So overall John, you failed to suspend my disbelief, however I am watching a character based on me, so I have more room to nitpick.

    Fuck you John,
    Yorick Kingsley