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Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 September 2011

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Don't think this comic is quite depressing enough? Listen to this while you're reading it:       

Have a great day! ALSO: Tune in tomorrow (4 September) as I will have a little filler comic up for everyone's enjoyment! Promise! It's drawn and inked and everything.
Oh crap. MORE NEWS. If you're into prosaic, boring intellectual masturbation, check out the COMMENTARY for this issue on The Word Weary Tumblr!


  1. How is this sad? This is how I have my dinner. Does this mean I'm sad and I didn't know it?

  2. I don't think the situation in and of itself is sad. This is how I PREFER most meals. If you're the same way, more power to you! What I think is sad is that Trotmann obsesses about his loneliness rather than do anything to make friends.

  3. Oh... Oh God.

    I... am Trotmann.

  4. Just because you FEEL like Trotmann now doesn't mean you always will. (I promise you, as long as you have the breath in you to go out and make your life better, you are not Trotmann.) Don't worry, good things are coming his way soon. The lonely night on which I wrote this issue passed- so too will this phase in his life he's going through.