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Monday, September 12, 2011

10 September 2011... Sort of.

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Hey, guys! Six more scripts and the first arc is DONE. Day one over. Day two is going to be so so so much fun for me. There're going to be a good deal of little changes- since Jason bought me my incredible tablet, I've been pushing myself to make little tweaks to the art- a little shading here and there, interesting background things and whatnot. When the next arc starts, they'll be a lot more prominent. Fun!
SO! Two weeks from now I'll be taking a week off from the comic to finalize my art changes, build a little buffer so there won't be so many delays and maybe make some much needed changes to site. Plus the little mini-vacation will let me rest a bit. As much as I love doing this comic, it is VERY draining.
So to fill in the comic void October 4-8 I would LOVE to have some guest strips from my fans! If you have a comic of your own, I'll be happy to plug it too. Content and art style don't matter to me, as long as it's funny. But I know doing a guest strip is hard and takes a decent chunk of time. If I don't get enough to fill the week, I'll post cute little non-canon things to keep you guys entertained.
In the meantime, let me know at untitledirishpiece at gmail dot com if you'd like to do a comic. I can't wait to see your takes on The Word Weary!


  1. I agree. But I've been in Elly's position enough times to know that when you're that drunk, being gross isn't as important as trying not to die. TRUE STORY.

  2. Learned a life lesson! LEVEL UP

  3. This totally made me giggle. Proving that, indeed, girls do find farts funny.

  4. I KNEW IT!!! I'll totally remember that on my next date.

  5. It didn't make me giggle. Farts aren't funny. Gyno-Star is an anomaly.