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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

19 July 2011

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Okay, yes, I'm sorry I missed an update on Saturday. Here's a breakdown of what happened that day!
1. SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Woke up, couldn't decide what to do for the comic. Sunk into despair at the thought of missing another update day.
2. SATURDAY EVENING: Thought of a cute comic idea. Walked to the hookah lounge to get it drawn (yes, I work at one in real life) even though it was my night off. Anne and Jason were there. Also beer.
3. SUNDAY MORNING: Woke up, tried not to die from the effects of my hangover. Realized I missed another update day. Sunk into despair and also I was throwing up a lot. 
I also want to quickly thank everybody who's been kind enough to leave me comments. Even though this comic is little more than a cold, mercenary attempt to garner some name recognition, I'm still very (VERY) touched that people are enjoying it. Thank you all and keep reading!


  1. john we love you

    ur da bomb man

  2. Yorick, man, what the fuck.