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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

19 July 2011

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Okay, yes, I'm sorry I missed an update on Saturday. Here's a breakdown of what happened that day!
1. SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Woke up, couldn't decide what to do for the comic. Sunk into despair at the thought of missing another update day.
2. SATURDAY EVENING: Thought of a cute comic idea. Walked to the hookah lounge to get it drawn (yes, I work at one in real life) even though it was my night off. Anne and Jason were there. Also beer.
3. SUNDAY MORNING: Woke up, tried not to die from the effects of my hangover. Realized I missed another update day. Sunk into despair and also I was throwing up a lot. 
I also want to quickly thank everybody who's been kind enough to leave me comments. Even though this comic is little more than a cold, mercenary attempt to garner some name recognition, I'm still very (VERY) touched that people are enjoying it. Thank you all and keep reading!

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