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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

12 July 2011

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Wow, 50 comics. I really didn't think I would get this far on this comic or that the response to it would be so positive. I really want to thank everyone who's read so far. You guys make my crippling neuroses and anxieties worth having so I have something to write about each week. Thanks again and keep reading, you wonderful, lovely human beings!


  1. Wow man, I seriously love your Comics! I just read through them all- one after the other :)
    I found you through an add on QC... good luck getting more views than them! *fingers crossed* :P
    Ps: Im from Australia.. Your monies looks way cooler than ours! :)

  2. Just read through the comics you've posted so far. I gotta say that while it's quite good I can't see myself coming back. Hits too close to home for me.I actually DO go to the bar and sit alone pretty much every night because I can't stand to come home to my stupid fucking cat and my empty fucking apartment. Of course this is only one of many parallels.