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Thursday, April 28, 2011

28 April 2011

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Alright, some news:
1. You may notice the Tweet button I've installed on the bottom of every page. If you have a Twitter, YOU SHOULD TOTES McGOATS CLICK THAT SHIT.
2. I have a Twitter account now. While reluctant at first to join the phenomenon, I've since seen the site as a valuable tool for disseminating quick bursts of comedy, making announcements about the comic and keeping people up-to-date on the exchange rate between the Swiss Franc and American Dollar (you're welcome). You should follow me, @johnkossler! I'll totally follow you too.   
3. Going to plug the first person I don't know who started following me on the Twitter. They're a band called The Kobolds and they're actually pretty damn good. Like, seriously, I'm buying a copy of their EP now.

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